About Us

Our Story

Prairie Cycling Development was created to offer organized cycling programs to aspiring cyclists in the Saskatoon area and elsewhere in Saskatchewan.  Our programs and events are developed from the framework provided by Cycling Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development model.  We believe they can help athletes achieve their personal cycling goals, whether it be to have fun riding their bike the local roads and trails, or going all the way to the top of the professional peloton. 

Our Mission

  • Offer organized cycling training and racing programs in-line with Cycling Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development model
  • Organize and/or promote Regional and Provincial level events
  • Create support programming to bridge athletes from competition stages to sport for life stage

Our Vision

  • From Grassroots to the Podium
  • Clear pathways for developing cyclists
  • Regional, Provincial and National events
  • Modern cycling infrastructure and facilities