Saskatoon Short Track Mountain Bike Series

Short Track is back for 2024!

Back for 2024, the sixth annual Saskatoon Short Track Mountain Bike series will be held at Robert Hunter West Park.
Races will be held on Wednesdays throughout Spring/Summer.


Robert Hunter West Park
Ravine Dr


May 1, 2024
May 8, 2024
May 15, 2024
May 22, 2024
May 29, 2024
June 5, 2024
June 12, 2024
June 19, 2024
June 26, 2024 (make-up)


What is Short Track?

Short track is spectator friendly mountain bike skill practice and racing. The program consists of a practice in a skill development area followed by a race on a separated and well marked course.  We have a great loop at Robert Hunter West Park in Saskatoon (across the street from École River Heights School), and for 2024 we will also be updating many of the development features in the skills area. The kids get to develop their skills and try out cross country Mountain Bike racing right in the city. Skills practice is approx 25 minutes, and the race is about 15 minutes long.  The program is for kids 12 & under.

  • Fast and Fun MTB program
  • Great for beginners and speed demons alike.
  • Rider friendly courses.
  • Kick/balance bikes, 12″, 16″, 20″, and 24″ wheels all work great on the course, and any bike
    in safe working order will do! (No training wheels please)


Fees & Registration

Entry fee is $50 for all categories, for the entire program!

All participants will need to hold a Saskatchewan Cycling Association “cycling for all” or racing membership (this is for insurance purposes). Space is limited, so please register early! This is all integrated into a single transaction online via the CCN website where you can purchase the program and membership at the same time. If you already have a 2024 SCA membership or race licence, you will only be required to purchase the program registration. All registrations will be through CCN, there will be NO CASH REGISTRATION on site.

Little Rippers

  • Ages 3-6 years old (boys/girls)
  • Skills area from 5:45 – 6:10pm
  • Scrimmage race @ 6:15 (~10-15 min)


  • Ages 5-8 years old (boys/girls)
  • Skills area from 6:20 – 6:45pm
  • Scrimmage race @ 6:50 (~10-15 min)


  • Ages 8-12 years old (boys/girls)
  • Skills area from 6:55 – 7:20pm
  • Scrimmage race @ 7:25 (~10-15 min)
Each group is limited to 20 participants only!

Start Times

Little Rippers

 Starts: 5:45pm

25 minutes of skills
~10-15 minute race
3-6 year olds


 Starts: 6:20pm

25 minutes of skills
~10-15 minute race
5-8 year olds


 Starts: 6:55pm

25 minutes of skills
~10-15 minute race
8-12 year olds

Notes for Participants

  • We recommend that each racer has a bottle of water
  • Be careful when leaving the park as other groups will be present.
  • The course may cross walking paths.
  • Everyone will use the same ~500m course
  • Please arrive on time as each session will start at its designated time.  If you are late, please go directly to your group
  • Participants can find out the number of laps they complete and their fastest lap time but no results are posted, we’re here to learn and have fun!
  • Parents are asked to monitor their children for illness before attending each week. If you are sick, please stay home and we will gladly see you the week after!  The best experience is when the kids are healthy!
  • We have some amazing sponsors and all participants will receive some sweet prizes throughout the program!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes! This kind of event is designed for kids and adults who are getting their first taste of
mountain bike racing. If you, or your kids, like it, we can help recommend more events to
participate in as well.

A:      1.  Have Fun! 
         2.  No Bumping!
         3.  Wear your helmet at all times!

The Commissaire may also have some pre-race instructions for participants, so listen up at the start and then go have fun!

Generally, there will be no refunds.  However, partial refunds may be issued in some exceptional circumstances to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

A: A bike in good working order, a bike helmet in good condition, and closed toe shoes are the
three critical items. Please have bikes tuned up at a local bike shop prior to the series. For the
mini categories, all bikes are acceptable, including strider and BMX bikes. For all other
categories, the bike should be intended for off road use, must have 2 working brakes, and
should have multiple gears. If you have questions, please contact us or ask your local bike
shop for advice.
A: Cycling gloves and some kind of eye-wear (sunglasses) are recommended. Otherwise just
make sure your kid(s) are wearing appropriate clothing that they can move in and stay
warm/cool (depending on the day’s temperature).
A: Any piece of equipment that is damaged or modified in a way that poses a risk to the
participant or other participants/spectators. Examples would be brakes that are removed or not
working, accessories added that protrude from the bike (BMX pegs, training wheels), or other
loose or dangerous parts that could fall off and/or hurt someone. If you’re not sure if something
is safe, please bring the bike to one of the local bike shops to have it checked by an expert.
A: We must follow the same rules that other city park users follow for sporting events. This
means that if there has been significant rain then we will have to reschedule or cancel that day’s
event. Also, if there is risk of severe weather than we may also have to reschedule or cancel
the event for safety. We will do our best to “make up” any events cancelled due to weather.
A: Race lengths are based off other series’ which have been running throughout Canada for the
past 10+ years. Don’t forget that participants race for the full amount of time; there is no bench
or subs. These are intense events, so most participants will be happy to be finished at the end
of their event. That said, race duration may be adjusted as the series progresses if deemed
A: The courses will be marked and open for general riding by 5:30 each day, but once the races
start only the participants of that race will be permitted on the course in use. There is lots of
park area not being used by the course where participants can ride around and warm up. After
the races are over the course markings will be torn down but people are welcome to ride in the
park as they normally would.  
A: Registration is capped because we want to make sure we can run a high quality and safe
event for all participants. Caps are dependent on category, but generally allow for 20
participants on the course at the same time. If you try to register but the category is sold out,
please e-mail us as we may be able to adjust the categories a little bit based on total
A: We recommend that a guardian stays nearby at all times in case of an emergency. For younger
kids, we encourage parents to follow their kids around the course to give encouragement and
help in case they get stuck. While the race organization will be looking out for this as well, we
cannot be everywhere at once.